Track Practice Information



Practice Time:

Practice begins at 4:10 pm, Monday through Friday.  The time and length of practice may vary according to the athlete’s events, weather conditions, or specific workout, but practices will typically be done by 5:30 pm.


Students have plenty of time to dress and be on the track.  Athletes are expected to be on the high jump apron, ready to begin warm-ups at 4:10.  It is imperative that practice begin on time. No individual is more important than the team.

Proper Attire:

Every athlete is responsible for having the right equipment to compete.  The weather in January, February and March is erratic at best.  Each athlete should ALWAYS have proper running shoes, shorts, and sweats.  Athletes that do not wear the proper clothing in inclement weather often end up ill and absent from school and practice.  A proper pair of running shoes is the best way to combat shin splints and other chronic foot, ankle, leg, knee, and hip injuries.  If athletes choose to wear compression shorts, they must be solid black, with no logo over two inches.

Personal Possessions:

Athletes should not  wear jewelry, except for a watch, to practice.  Athletes are also not allowed to have cell phones or personal listening devices (like iPods) at practice.  These possessions and all other personal possessions shou ld be locked up during practice. Personal possessions should not be left outside, in the common area of the locker room, or accessible to anyone other than the owner.

Inclement Weather:

In cases of extreme weather conditions, the track team will practice indoors. Practice will rarely, if ever, be cancelled completely.


End of Practice Procedures:

No one should leave the track area without notifying the coach.  Practice does not end until the athlete is personally excused by a coach.  Each area has responsibilities at the end of practice