Track Expectations

Give your BEST EFFORT to yourself and your team – on the field and off! Great athletes develop strong character. They display sportsmanship always, are positive influences on those around them. You represent the team AT ALL TIMES. Poor choices outside of practice can result in being dismissed.

Encourage and strengthen each other! Smile/greet your teammates/when they perform well, let them know!

Dress appropriately! No spaghetti string tank tops. No sport bras showing.

Have FUN – we are here to participate-we do it because we love it – find small ways to enjoy each day.

PUSH YOURSELF – work your hardest! Nothing worth doing is easy, but great awards await when you work harder than you ever have before.

If you have to miss practice, contact me BEFOREHAND via text or note please. 3 missed practices is the limit of missing before being excused from the team.

If you are facing difficult circumstances outside of school that may affect performance, let me know. Academic/personal/family, etc.

When practice is over, you must go directly home – do not linger around the school. More than 30 min and you will run more. If you are here, you will train.